When considering an abortion, your health and safety are important. It is good you are taking the time to research your options and gather accurate information.

ARE YOU PREGNANT? The first step is to find out for sure. When abortion is an option you are considering, confirmation of a viable pregnancy and information on your pregnancy’s development provide facts you need to know to determine the options available to you. Get verification of pregnancy from a reliable, independent source, such as a pregnancy test or ultrasound. ABC Life Choices can provide:

  1. Lab quality hCG urine pregnancy test
  2. Limited OB ultrasound

The center is a safe and confidential place. We do not perform or refer for abortion, but will assist you in acquiring medically-accurate information and help you clarify benefits and risks of your options as you make an informed choice. There is a lot to educate yourself on and we can help you every step of the way.

No one should pressure you into any decision regarding your pregnancy.
It is your choice. Choose to know.

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